Tudor World Easter 2019

13th April - 27th April


Easter was a special religious celebration in Tudor times. People would attend the ceremony known as “Creeping to the Cross”, where the clergy would creep up to a crucifix held up before the altar on their hands and knees and kiss the feet of the Christ.  Good Friday was also the day for the preparation of the Easter Sepulchre. The sepulchre consisted of a stone or wooden niche, to represent Christ’s sealed tomb, which was filled with the consecrated host and an image of Christ. On Easter Sunday, the candles in the church and around the sepulchre would be extinguished and then the church lights re-lit by the priest from a fire. The sepulchre would be opened and Christ’s resurrection would be celebrated with a special mass. This marked the end of Lent, a period where people’s diets were restricted, so it was only natural to celebrate it with good food. Many traditions were stopped during the Reformation.

Easter at Tudor World is a magical time where children to partake in the Easter Quiz and receive a chocolate egg. William Shakespeare will be giving a tour on Saturdays at 2pm and the Easter spirit continues each evening at 6pm for ghost tours of the building, also at 7pm 8pm and 9pm on Saturday nights.

On Friday 19th April Jack the Ripper will be making an evening appearance!

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