Frequently Asked Questions





Why is there a charge to enter the museum?

The museum receives no funding or grants whatsoever. The small entry fee goes towards the maintenance of the history building, overheads and staff costs. Nevertheless, we try to keep our charges lower than the rest of Stratford as we know times are hard!


Why can't we walk further down the courtyard?

The courtyard is part of the museum (not a public road), which we open up to allow access to the museum. It is not a through road. At the end of the courtyard is our theatre area where we entertain school parties, groups and have theatre during peak times. We ask that you respect the courtyard and the 400 year old cobblestones by not leaving litter, smoking or eating on the courtyard or indeed within the building.


Is it suitable for children?

The museum shows different aspects of Tudor life in an exciting and atmospheric way. Children find the proximity of the recreations and the ability to walk into exhibits highly stimulating. However, some sensitive children may find the subject of the plague uncomfortable and the realistic figures throughout the museum. 


Is the museum suitable for pushchairs?

Pushchaird would be difficult to navigate through the museum due to its ages. However, we are happy to safely store pushchairs in our store room.


Do you store baggage and luggage?

Yes, we store baggage and luggage at £1 per baggage in a locked store room (obviously at owners own risk). However, we do not charge those who are visiting the museum.


Can children visit unaccompanied?

As the exhibits are very close at hand, we do not allow young people to visit unaccompanied.


Can we pick things up?

The museum is very tactile and objects are not glued down. However, we would ask that you treat the objects with care.


How long does it take to visit the museum?

The duration of visitor's dwell time in the museum varies enormously! Whilst it is a small museum, there are many interactive elements to become involved in. Visits can be anything from 10 minutes to 1 hour. We would therefore estimate the average visit as 20-30 minutes.


Is it suitable for wheelchair users?

The museum is accessed via the 400 year old cobbled stone courtyard and the museum itself is within a very old building, with narrow passageways, uneven floors, low beams and a set of steps up to the first floor and narrow set of stair back down. Please call us in advance of your visit and we will try to make sure someone is available to help on the day of your visit.


Smoking, eating and drinking?

We do not allow smoking, eating or drinking in the museum or on the courtyard - which is owned by the museum.


Do you have a cafe?

We do not have a cafe, however Sheep Street (and Stratford) is full of eateries of all sorts!


Do you allow dogs?

Dogs (which are free) and well-behaved owners are welcome! 


Can I take pictures?

Yes, we positively encourage pictures and are happy for the pictures to be put on social media.


Can I film in the museum?

We would ask you not to film without first gaining permission.


Shakespeare Tour


How long does the tour take?

Please allow 90-120 minutes.


Is the tour suitable for wheelchair users?



Is the tour suitable for dogs?

Yes (except inside the church).


Is the tour suitable for children?

Yes, however younger children may find the walk tiring.


Do you go into the Shakespeare house?

No, however we do go inside Trinity Church (as long as there is no service on at the time). Those of our tour are also entitled to a discount entry to the grave.


Is the Shakespeare character just a man dressed in a Tudor costume?

No, Master Shakespeare stays in character and relates the stories of his life and work in the first person.


Ghost Tours


How long are the ghost tours?

Around an hour (sometimes slightly more).


Is it suitable for children?

We do not advise children younger than 14 (accompanied by an adult) due to the spookiness of the building and adult themes. However, parents are welcome to take in younger children but most take responsibility for them.


Is it suitable for those of a nervous disposition?

The tour can be fun and scary but it is not a 'Disneyland' type ghost tour full of magic tricks but within an historic building that has had many hauntings!


Does anyone jump out at you?

No! (Well, nobody living that is!)


Is it suitable for wheelchair users?

No. However, if the wheelchair user can manage stairs with assistance there are plenty of places on the tour to sit down.


Is it all in the dark?

The tour takes place in the dark by lantern light (held by the tour guide). There may be moments the lantern is turned off for demonstration.


Can I leave if I get scared?

Yes, however this does mean the rest of the group are left alone in the dark while the tour guide escorts you out!


Can I get a refund if I become scared?

Once inside the building there are no refunds (after all, you would not expect a refund at a comedy club for being 'too funny').


Will we see a ghost?

The ghost tour relates stories of ghost sightings, the history of the building and other interesting stories. The ghost tour, it is not a ghost hunt and ghosts and spirits are not asked to make their presence known. However, it is not unheard of for spirit activity to take place and can be unpredicable.



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