Master Shakespeare has come back through time and will guide you through his beloved town of Stratford upon Avon.


William will relate tales of his family, inspirations from the Town, bits of his plays and sonnets and the period in time in which he lived.


The tour is the life and times of William Shakespeare, related in an entertaining way by Will himself as he guides you through his home Town!



The tour starts at 2pm on Saturdays (and some 'high days') and is 1.5 hour (allow 2 hours in total). The tour finishes at Holy Trinity Church but Shakespeare will be happy to lead you back to the main part of Town!



The tour meets at the Tudor World Museum then proceeds to his Birthplace; then goes to his children's houses; New Place; his school and ends at his final resting place.



The price for the PUBLIC tour is:

£7 adults, £6, concs, £3.50 children, £18 family ticket (2A+2C)

PRIVATE TOURS and School Groups (please check our schools page) by arrangement.



Stratford upon Avon is a very compact Town and the tour is no more than a mile and pretty flat. It is therefore wheelchair friendly. Do discuss with the tour guide if you need any special provision (even if it is just to walk slower!) he will be happy to accommodate your needs.



We have several 'Shakespeares' (we even have one on the Monopoly Box!) The tour has been running since 2011 and all our Shakespeares are highly trained, licensed actors with an in-depth knowledge of the great man! 



You will see all the major buildings associated with Shakespeare's life from birth to death and some of the Town's history (from the outside only!) There will be plenty to occupy every age group with stories; Tudor architecture and even the River Avon, populated with swans! 



If it rains on the tour (this is England after all!) the tour will continue and the guide will try to find any cover where he can. However, you may wish to check the weather in advance and bring a brolly. Master Shakespeare himself will get wet!


Private Tours available. Please contact us on 01789 298070 for details.

Shakespeare's Walking Tour

Really enjoyed the tour. The guide was super knowledgeable and funny, kept it really interesting. You might need plenty of chewy snacks for the small people to keep them from moaning and let you enjoy it more. I recommend it.

TripAdvisor: May 2021

Brilliant Shakespeare tour

Absolutely brilliant I went with my friend and her mom and I learnt lots of facts, I would for sure recommend, the tour guide was extremely friendly.

TripAdvisor: February 2020

Shakespeare talk

It was really engaging and me and my friends had a wonderful time. It was really informative to I learnt lots of new facts

TripAdvisor: February 2020

Like being in the presence of Shakespeare himself!

We stumbled across Tudor World (museum and Shakespeare walking tour) and weren't disappointed. The museum was doggy friendly (a must for us as we were with our much loved pooch) and the tour with Shakespeare is as it's all outdoors. The tour guide (Shakespeare!) was fantastic, incredibly knowledgeable and obviously very passionate about his tours. Being a teacher, I was very impressed with how realistic it was. Would definitely recommend if you want to experience the real Stratford upon Avon.

TripAdvisor: December 2019

Highlight of the trip!

This is an excellent tour with the Bard himself beginning at Tudor World, once a tavern frequented by Shakespeare. We were walked through Shakespeare’s birthplace , his School and the Guild Church, the site of his house when famous, his daughter’s homes and finally his resting place. The tour was presented by a highly accomplished actor who managed to transport us from the modern-day Stratford Upon Avon to a quaint medieval town, back in time. There is a lot of walking involved as it lasts nearly 2 hours if you go into the church for an extra £2.00 to see WS’s grave. Highly recommended !

Trip Advisor July 2018

A must do

Brilliant tour with Mr Shakespeare himself. The actor who played him was extremely knowledgable & keen to impart in a quirky & fun way. Made our trip to Stratford & well worth the money £5.

TripAdvisor April 2018

Highly recommended Shakespeare walking tour

We had planned to join the walking tour which started from the Swan fountain next to the RSC, but we ended up going with the walking tour organised by Tudor World given by Shakespeare himself! Obviously an actor dressed as the Bard! We are so glad we did!
The walking tour was most informative & entertaining. Shakespeare brought his life story alive with humour & amusing anecdotes. It was a very educational & enjoyable 90mins, despite the chilly & wet afternoon walking around the various Shakespeare sites

TripAdvisor March 2018



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