Antiques programme visits


On Thursday, 27th April at 4.30pm, 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' broadcast an episode of the programme that includes Tudor World and Stratford upon Avon. TV antiques expert Paul 'Mr Morecambe' Hayes went head to head with John Cameron another antique expert to see who can make the most profit using their own money and preserve their 'antique expert' reputations!

When Paul Hayes came across an old crackled oil painting of the Shakespeare character, John Falstaff, his research took him to Tudor World at the Shrieve's House in Stratford upon Avon where the character of John Falstaff was first devised by William Shakespeare. The resident of the historic property in Sheep Street was then one William Rogers, who ran the Three Tuns Tavern with his wife and many children. Young William apparently thought that this larger than life jovial old soldier who liked a drink or two, would make a great character in one of his plays - and John Falstaff was born!

The Rogers family were intimately connected with William Shakespeare, who often frequented the tavern to visit his Godson William Walker, the nephew of Mrs Rogers. Mr Rogers himself was co-trustee of one of William Shakespeare's properties at Blackfriars in London and his daughter great friends with the Bard's daughter Susannah Hall, marrying John Hall's protégé Mathew Morris.


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