Summer Term Activities 2021

Come and experience a Pirate Summer!


Pirate Summer

Meanwhile, in the museum will be having a Pirate Summer for all yea land lubbers! Famous Elizabethan pirate Francis Drake was rewarded by Elizabeth I for attacking ships on the Spanish main and relieving them of their gold! Our little pirates will also be rewarded for their pirate-loving ways and be able to pick a prize from the 'Treasure Chest' on completion of the Treasure Quiz!

Each young pirate will be given a treasure map to find all the contraband afore the other pirates and will receive some booty at the end as well as an official Pirate Certificate! Visitors can also explore the exhibits, smell the nasty aromas of Elizabethan England, try on hats, lie in a bed or write with a quill!


Shakespeare Walking Tour - daily throughout Summer

Master Shakespeare himself will be conducting tours throughout the Summer

(23rd July until 3rd September)

every day at 2pm from Tudor World

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