Don't take our word for it! Here are just a few of the comments from our visitors.

Best attraction seen this year. M Lovick
Fantastic, great staff, really friendly. Helen Cartwright
Best place in Stratford. Well worth the visit. Lovely people. Jordan Hewston
Excellent. Best attraction in Stratford. Lorraine Shuttleworth
Absolutely brilliant. We keeping coming back. Mrs Batchelor
Lovely museum. Best in Stratford upon Avon. Really felt lived in. S Whitehouse
Very good for children. Barbara Elliott
An interesting and scary insight into Tudor history. Sara Krime
Really really good! It was brilliant and soooo realistic! Shannon
The best museum ever!! S Brain
I really enjoyed the place and thought it was very interesting. Alex Wyett
An excellent Tudor experience. History is just so fascinating. Enjoyed it a lot. Absolutely wonderful. Emily May Oldham
Very well thought-out and well presented. Lesley Garner
Very good, one of the best attractions in Stratford! Paul Bryant
Good experience. Very informative. Good value for money. Should more places like it. Diane Young
A fantastic museum. Very authentic exhibits. A brilliant way to remember facts about the Tudor age. Thank you. Gill Gardner
Very haunted building. Exhibits are excellent and well thought out! Staff friendly and helpful. Amanda Carter
Great experience. Will come again. Sue Booth
Very haunted building. Exhibits are excellent and well thought out! Staff friendly and helpful. Amanda Carter
Place full of history and mystery. Tedalid Anne Laure
Phantastical! Rachel Pickett
Must be kept open for England's sake. Gail Kitchen
Students really enjoyed the tour. It was a really good visual learning. Ms NA Caz
Extremely informative and interesting. Great value for money. A Tyrrell
Fascinating. John Nudds
Very interesting. Sam Preston
Very authentic. Miss DA Llemp
Fantastic experience. Susan Hanson
Fabulous experience. Mrs J Orney
Wonderfully interesting place, I visit quite often. N Hughes
Excellent attraction. Sarah Moorse
Extremely fascinating. Learnt a lot of interesting information. One room made me feel bad. Laura Hamilton.
Very good and informative. User-friendly history tour. C Hamilton
Well thought out. Well displayed. Olde world atmosphere. Greg Moroney-Barnett
Very informative exhibition. A lot of hard work has gone into the displays. Eileen Moroney-Barnett
Makes history come alive. Lorraine Oldham
Very convincing and professional done. A real treat in Stratford. Mr Kanitkar
A very atmospheric experience. Michelle Brookes
Excellent - informative and fun. Gary Brookes
A really good experience, good sound effects and I thought it was real! Tom Oldham
We learnt so much today. We have never been to Stratford-upon-Avon before. Great Tudor museum. Great exhibits. John Ilerry.
Don't miss it. Worth a visit. CV Hewston
Great experience. Very enjoyable. Jack Heston
Well presented and informative. Love the new exhibits. Great improvement. Nicola Suckling.
Really good. Sarah Warbuton
Very atmospheric and informative. Jan Tumer
Informative and interesting. Hannah James
Educational. Linda Bromilow
Really exciting. Ollit Birkett
Absolutely fantastic, really enjoyable. Would come again. Dawn Turner
Wonderful display. Learned many interesting facts. J M Smith
Excellent atmosphere. Good delivery. Brings history alive. Mora McDonald
Very interesting and well laid out. Also interesting for children with interactive displays. Marcell Molloy
An appealing attraction when visiting Stratford. A Fletcher
Fantastic experience. Enjoyed every second. Jodie Shaw
Very interesting experience. Pam Higgins
A brilliant experience and extremely well maintained and fairly priced! Jade Smith
A fantastic venue with excellent value for money. A fantastic learning experience for both young and old. Sharon Cooper
Really good. Most interesting building visited so far. H Wiltsher
Excellent value. A Barclay
A truly magical time for the whole family. Dougal McTaggart
Really informative place. Very good for children to learn about history of England. Joanne Langley
A great experience. C Noakes
A very good insight into Tudor life - my young daugher loved the gorey bits! Stelal Hodkinson
Good historical facts. Good for student. Emily Stephens
Very very good. Fantastic experience. Diane Jarvis
Very informative. Sedi Merjou
Very good and atmospheric. Mrs J Dean
The museum was absolutely brilliant. Very well done. Josie Gardner
Very good. Lots of interesting info and easy to pick up. Jill Tuffin
Very interesting and we learnt quite a few facts about the Tudor times. Mr & Mrs J Taylor
Very interesting - not enough time to read all the plackards. Irene Green
Very atmospheric - loads of information - scenes depicted were excellent. Would definitely come again. Michael Dobson
Very interesting. John-Paul Hay
Fantastic throughout - a real Tudor experience. S Hughes
Lots of information. Fab. Clare Lennon
Thank you for an excellent experience. Carol Briggs
Building wonderful. Most enjoyable. Comprehensive information of Tudor period. Nigel Beaton.
It is a great attraction and shows you what life was like. Izzy Cannon
Excellent presentation. Really interesting. A Brookes
Very interesting. Enjoyed my visit. Well done. Dotty Saunders
Brilliant. Brilliant way of explaining history. Keep up the good word. Sioux Newman
Very good, useful Tudor history. Haley Pearce
Really good and educational. Moyo Adesaja
Fantastic. Best in Stratford. Phillip Johnson
Very enjoyable and informative. Well worth a visit. Stuart Perry
Very interesting and educational and mildly spooky. Mike Penny
Ghost Tour
Don't take our word for it! Here are just a few of the comments from our visitors.
It was an amazing experience. Definitely scary, but very thrilling all at the same time. Great tour guide! Rani Subassandran
One of the best evenings of my life! Bridget Wharfe
Best ghost tour I've been on. Charlotte Guest
Great fun! Really scary! Scarier than the scariest thing alive! I loved it! T Guest
Excellent! Recommended. K. Jani
Seriously scary and cool! Beth Carlen
Wonderful time, great experiences. Best ever. Siona Sharman
Everything I expected. Came home and had nightmares, but had great fun would recommends it, value for money. Melissa Amato
Fantastic! Highly Recommended! Sasen Paidopl
Absolutely fantastic! Interesting and thrilling! Sasha Starr
Brilliant tour lots of fun, good history, staffs grasp of local history and this genuine experience we had. Grady Manus
This was a memorable event and evening. We appreciated the authenticity of the house, the staff and the experience! Lynn Manus
Must do. Informative. Very interesting. Good guide. Enjoyable. Michelle Hewston
Spooky, eerie and an experience always remember. Trent Weldon
Spooky, was a very scary but good experience! Amanda Troth
A great experience you never forget. T Badger
Man followed me shouting and touch me in the last room. A young girl told him to go. Hannah Wheatley
OMG. Now having second thoughts if ghosts are real. Now I believe. Charlotte Searle
The tour was very good. I would do it again. S Montague
Very scary. Makes the mind think. Sydney Newbigging
Scary but really good. Hayley Miller
Great experience. Would recommend. Elizabeth Miller
Excellent! Great tour with a superb guide. Alan Miller
Heard a little cackle. Tommy Bayley
A spooky place! Brilliant place to kill time! Ken Youngs
Very entertaining. Good value for money. Stuart Hamer
Excellent. Really enjoyed. Staff amazing. Wonderful experience. Kathy Morgan
Completely freaky. Scared me to death. A Allsopp
One world to describe it "fantastic". Gordon Matthew
Totally worth it. JR Thorsen
Very good. Very entertaining. Very scary. Lynda Coote
Excellent experience. Really exciting and interesting. Kyle Laferty
A fun and interesting place. The museum is very interesting and ghost tour is very scary. Jack Firdew
Excellent service and welcoming from Jerry. Sue McGowan
I love it. Very interesting and fun! Awesome!! Millie Garner
Very creepy! Guide was very entertaining. Scott Sledten
Enjoyable. I had my elbow pinched. Graeme Smith
Very good storytelling. Good fun! Excellent!! Museum amazing. Jamie Gardner
Great guide. Creepy place. James Concill
Witty, informative guide. Tour was over before you realised! Marie Larmour
Very good experience something. Joanne Hutchinson
Very very scary. Jennifer Droan
Fantastic information. Very scary!! Chiara Gill
Brilliant!! Thoroughly enjoyable! Emma Hutchinson
Fantastic, very scary and the guide was brill, very informative! Philippa Edmonds
Want to come back for sleep over!! Julie Slawson
Atmospheric, eerie, fascinating, informative and spooky! Kim Grogan
Exciting and nerve-racking! Cheryl Lawley
Brilliant experience. Very interesting and informative. Helen Lintern-Connell
Very good. Enjoyed every minute. Mrs W Hughes
Fabulous! Love it, great. I was very scared!!! Susan Stacy
Very entertaining most enjoyable. Sharon Barford
Got some great orbs! Jackie Davies
Awesome. Sophie
Brilliant! Michele Scraggy
Fantastic. Definitely worth the money. Vikki Light
Good fun! Mairi McGowan
Spookydook! Liz Sears
Very interesting! Loved it! Kelly Hatup
Love it. Great entertainment. Colin Moore
Great tour, would recommend it. Ian Allan
Very atmospheric and informative. Felt very uncomfortable, especially in John Davis room. Deborah Yates
It was nice (real creepy) and good experience. Shanini
Very educational and also created the perfect environment to feel like you were really there! Matthew Buck
Great tour! My girlfriend was taken out. Paul Solicar
Went for both the museum and the ghost tour - too much fun! The museum was very imaginative and informative. Rachel
Great trip, enjoyed it! Luke Taylor
I have never felt a presence before. Now I have. Keith Damsky
Unique and entertaining. Not for the faint of heart! Sarah Damsky
Brilliant. Loved it. Will come back. Liz Scarrott
I am a huge HUGE skeptic and that was very unnerving. Laurence
Fanstastic experience. Really really really scary stuff. Diana Makus
Very very very good. Brilliant experience. Mick RoweFantastic jaunt. Well done. Had an experience. Could smell the witch. Liz Laborde
Brilliant. Derek Acorah is a wimp! Jay Neve
Argh!! Dan Veve
Really interesting and unnerving. Staff were excellent. Phil Ward
I swear I saw a ghost! Robyn Foreman
Really good and interesting. Sandra Trousent
Sweaty hands. Thanks. Sam White
It was very good. Great time. Jeanette Moore
I was so spooked I had to hold my friend's hand (and I'm 40!) Ruth Holder
Loved it. Tim Bennett
Spooky and very entertaining. Cathy Spencer
Scary spiders. Lisa Hollier
Enaging, enjoyable, exciting, excellent! Luke Biddle
Absolutely brilliant. Freaked out! Syd Parks
Fantastic experience. Vicki Durbin
Felt so real! Very scary! Siobham Sheeny
Was really scare. Fantastic. Shit myself. Will Boyes
Highly recommend. David Moir
Brilliant. Captain Jerry was great. I got touched and I think I like it. Paul Taylor
Very real enjoyable experience. George Sweeney
Very good but scary! Nicola Gibson
Brill. Jo Tipping
Great - worth the time and money. Margaret Ayela-Uwangue
Very good - interesting and scary. Rachel Gigshin
Just the best. Chris Bayne
Very good experience (would like to come and stay the night). Melissa Roberts
Amazing experience. Luke Gough
Brilliant tour. Lovely guide. Will be back! Robert Jarvis
Very exciting. Lynne Ackland
Was fab fun. D Lovett
Very good. Interesting and spooky. L. Frankland
Very enjoyable. John Madigan
Had a great time. Thank you. C Solley
Wicked. Demos Flour
Fantastic experience. Informative and entertaining. Helen Warren
Good experience. Still a non believer but tempted to stay the night. Anthony Payne
Brilliantly expressive - and scared me senseless. Emma Barrett
Very unusual. Andy Newton
Third time and still terrified. Lianne Heath
Very scary. Good tour guide. Nelissa Exall
Scary and exciting. Yuri Lee
Really good. Elenor Cooper
Interesting and fun. Maire Aldridge
Exellent. David Gibbins
Absolutely facinating. Jamie Ford
Falstaff is AWESOME!!! Aaron Brown
Excellent tour. Sian Hellyer
2nd visit. Just as good the 2nd time. Gets better. Jane Ford
Fab! Linda Price
Very good. Enjoyed it. Jill Harding
Fantastic and creepy as its meant to be. Etienne Newton
Very scary. Karen Cunnifer
Really enjoyed first ghost tour. Dawn Guest
Exellent attraction. Nichola Whitfield
Great! Very interesting and atmopheric! Kids thought is spooky. So enjoyed it loads!! Cath Boardman
Exellent!! I felt something. Brilliant. Carol Bithell
Very good guide. Enjoyed it. Thanks. Luci Perry
Excellent. Adam Wilcox
Quite creepy! Sam Lyon
Excellent. Dave Fantom
Fantastic. Very scary. Anyone who does an overnight is very brave! Louise Rishworth
Very authentic. You can actually feel the spirits. I certainly recommend it! Michael Abrahams
Very spooky. May consider a night stay!! Lorna & Nick
Felt very uneasy. Warwick from Leeds
Great experience. Will be back soon. Hania Rudge
Brill! Marie Smalley
Really great! Shona Davis
Fantastic fun - and so interesting. James Gardner
I didn't make it past reception the tour guide was that good! Barry Craddock
Brilliant as ever. Lorraine Heath
Fantastic. Chilling. Great. William McVeigh


Very interesting and dramatic! Hope we can sleep tonight. Paul & Linda Floregyk

Brilliant evening. L Dallas
Exellent fun and very spooky. Scot & Liz
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