The Answers!

Question 1

William Shrieve was an archer but his name means 'Sheriff' (the Shire Reeve). A Reeve was a kind of Policeman.

Question 2

You would be right is you said the building had been used for any of the following:-

A billet for Civil War soldiers

A hospital for Civil War soldiers

A Christian Scientist church

A tavern

A museum

Question 3

The item as expensive as gold was cinnamon

Question 4

Any guest would be given the 'best bed', so the Lord and Lady of the manor would sleep in the 'second best bed'

Question 5

Game of Thrones based its story line on the Wars of the Roses

Question 6

The practice of kidnapping men to force them into the navy was called 'press ganging'. It was also later called shanghaiing or crimping.

Question 7

Dr Dee's spy number was - 007

Question 8

A young boy of higher status than his teacher could not receive physical punishment, he would therefore pay a 'whipping boy' to take the punishment for him.

Question 9

There were many crimes that would result in being put in the stock or pillories

Too drunk

Publicans given short measures


Petty theft

(There are lots more - google a full list)

Question 10

Two groats for bed and board

Question 11

The Barber surgeon could also undertake minor surgery (teeth pulling or even amputations if necessary)

Question 12

'Cures' for the plague:-

Drinking your own urine

Sitting near a sewer

Sitting near a smoky fire

Chopping snake

Chicken near your head


(Google for more)

Question 13

The name of the resident of Shrieve's House who was convicted of Treasonous Act in 1588 was John Jefferies

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